It looked almost “Indian summer” in the Midi Pyrenees: sun and terraces full of young people  until late at night .This could be a scenario for a nice vacation. My reality was quite different. Talks with staff members from DREAL, the regional representative of the French ministry of Environment and the director and chairman of the PRAriège, the largest natural park in the  Ariège department.

Objectives were to make the final arrangements of the Processus project, the mediation project on bio diversity in the French Pyrenees. A new approach to come to new liaisons in the Ariège region, where the discussions are quite intense on what should be done in the mountainous regions. It was all about agriculture, forest management, tourism, urbanisation, (re)introduction of new species and hunting. Many of the subjects have controversial elements and therefore conflicts are inevitable.

‘Innovanature’, an association created by three nongovernmental organizations from France, Spain and the Netherlands, has created this unique platform to help the region to discuss the future biodiversity in the Pyrenean regions. The start is foreseen in December 2016, organizing the first workshop with 40 participants. The following workshops will be held in 2017.

Gerard Baars,

International Bear Foundation,


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