Your Fall 2018 International Bear News is here! We apologize for the lengthy delay. As you know, we are an all-volunteer organization and our workload this past year has maxed out our volunteer capacity and with the conference this past fall, there was a lot going on around the time of pro-duction for this issue of the IBN. However, we think the delay was worth it as this issue is packed with great articles and detailed summaries of the 2018 IBA conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia for those of you who could not attend.

The preparation for the 2020 IBA conference in Kalispell, Montana, USA is well underway. The 27th International Bear Association Conference will be held at the Red Lion Hotel in Kalispell, Montana September 21-25, 2020. The theme of the conference is “Conserving bears in a changing world.” We are working on getting the website up and running so there will be more information soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lori Roberts by email

Again, thank you for making IBA such a great organization!

Sincerely, Jennefer Teunissen-van Manen, IBA Secretary

The International Association for Bear Research and Management