IBF received this mail some time ago. We invite you to read it.

This is not your typical December email. You’ve probably already received several emails from me this year that explain how your gift in support of WILD’s work can help protect wild nature. But this email is different. This email arrives in your inbox as an urgent appeal to share with others about an existential threat looming over an Indigenous community, their boreal forests, and the native wildlife of Sweden.

In the far north is a quintessentially Christmas landscape from a Western perspective, filled with lichen-clad forests, sparkling snow, and, of course, reindeer. It is this sparsely populated landscape that is now in jeopardy. Like the Grinch trying to steal Christmas, the Swedish logging company, Sveaskog, threatens to destroy a thousand football fields of pristine forests that have survived for millennia, and with them the culture and way of life of the Indigenous Sámi people.

If we can tell the world what is happening in the Arctic, there’s a chance we can stop the destruction.

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Sweden is a country of contradictions. It has more trees now than it did in the year 2000 and yet its biodiversity is in steep decline. That is because forests aren’t merely a large grouping of trees. Forests are complex and interconnected homes for millions of lifeforms and many of Earth’s traditional peoples. Unfortunately, Sveaskog is converting Sweden’s rich natural heritage (and Sámi homeland) into plantations, parallel rows of planted trees – one species, one age, one origin – for the sole purpose are harvesting in a few decades time.

In doing so, the logging company is also putting our future at risk. In order to successfully address climate change, we must keep all our boreal forests which store enormous amounts of carbon that, if released, will spell disaster for our planet. For decades now, the Sámi have been the defenders of Sweden’s forests, but time is running out for them and for our future. The Sámi are now taking unprecedented actions to save these forests. They need our help.

You can take the first step towards halting the destruction of a critical component of Earth’s biosphere – Sweden’s native boreal forests – and aid the Sámi in defense of their homeland. You can help stop the logging Grinch from stealing our future!

Over the next few days in the lead up to Christmas, please share with your networks about the ongoing threat to the Sámi and Sweden’s reindeer habitat. And please remember to reference #NatureNeedsHalf, the #SurvivalRevolution, and #Grinchmas. Every landscape is critical to defending Earth’s biosphere and our future, especially when an entire cultural group depends on that landscape for their survival.

If we don’t act, the Grinch won’t just steal an ancient forest in Sweden this year, he’ll steal the Sámi way of life . . . and our future.

Together we use our voices to change the world.

Amy Lewis
Vice President of Policy & Communications
The WILD Foundation

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Sami and logging