Recently we got an e-mail about an IUCN conference, to be held in 2020.
This meeting is important, becasuse it deals with climat change and the effects of it. We must state that all 8 bear species in the world are affected, or will be affected, by climate change if nothing happens. We hope that many bear related subjects will be deal with.

The mail reads: I would like to make you aware of the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress (WCC). The Congress is a huge meeting of conservationists, held every 4 years. The last meeting in Hawaii in 2016 included nearly 10,000 participants (see this article), the largest environmental meeting in the United States.

The next WCC will be held in Marseille, France, June 11-19, 2020.
The Congress includes 2 parts: the “Forum” (12-15 June), which includes talks, workshops, discussions, etc. and a “Members Assembly” where voting occurs on various motions and chairs of IUCN Commissions.

BSG members cannot vote, but we can organize “motions” that are brought forth by “members” (we are considered advisors, not members; the members are countries and non-governmental organizations). If you happen to have pressing high-level conservation issue that needs attention by the full IUCN (not just something for the BSG), you can organize a motion. It will require IUCN members to sponsor it. (The deadline for submission is Aug 28). See guidelines here.
If you have such a motion in mind, please let me know, so I can discuss it with you. It is a complicated process. It is meant for facilitating international efforts, not in-country specific issues.

The only bear-related motion brought forth to the WCC was at the meeting in 2012. That motion passed the Congress and became a situation analysis to examine the conservation effects of bear farming. Since 2012 the BSG has worked closely with other experts and the Chinese government in a complex study. The results will be reported at the 2020 WCC.

If you plan on attending this WCC (or even just thinking about it), please let me know so that we can get the bear people together there. If you have questions about it, please contact me. It is a truly inspirational event that you’ll never forget.

This mail was send to us by Dave Garshelis
(Minnesota Dept. Natural Resources, USA)

IUCN conference 2020