This article illustrates very well the delicacy of the situation Brown Bear in the Pyrenean mountains in France and is an example of the top-down begaviour of the national minister Hulot.

President Laserre declared against the bears and the chambre followed him in a vote ‘against the reintroduction of bears in the Pyrenees’. Also was said that a real survey on the future of the Pyrenean mountain range should take place. This was al due to the announcement of the national minister of environment Nicolas Hulot on May 9, about a reintroduction of two female Brown bears next September. This is the result of the action plan ‘Brown Bear 2018-2028’, but it keeps stirring up reactions.

Patoralism is ‘the motor’.

In the end of June, it was the president of this province, Jean-Jacques Laserre, who wrote to the national Ministry of Ecological Transition that he takes a stand in favor of the Shepherds who opppose the bears, stating that the shepherds are an important motor of the mountain economy and that they contribute directly tot he upkeeping of local populations

It was also mentioned in a report from 2017, that the amount of attackes on domestic animals on the French side of the Pyrenees consisted of 162 attackes with 464 animals killed or wounded, and 11 attacks on beehives where 34 beehives were destroyed. This means that the number of attackes by bears raised 46% in relation to 2016.

Economic and ecological arguments about the shepherds is said to participate to the environmental richness, the biodiversity of the activities in the mountains and that its products are free of chemicals.

In the Pyrenees-Atlantique the government is against the brown bear