International Bear Foundation actively works on the conservation of bear species and to maintain their habitats. You can help us to make that happen.
The Foundation can only be effective if there is sufficient financial support. You can find options on how to support our projects and actions in this chapter.

Support is needed

Our Foundation can only act with the support of donors and sponsors.


Our Foundation is working on many fields, in many countries, trying to find solutions for problems related to the conservation of bears and their habitats. Such projects are ongoing in Albania (Kosovo), the Pyrenean regions, but also elsewhere in Europe and Asia. For updated reports, see our website and click on the respective countries and projects.
Funding is necessary for travelling, to lobby, and often to invite experts to work on difficult issues and to help local scientist to come up with the best possible solutions. At this stage the Foundation only contributes in materials as far as it can help other donors and national authorities to agree to fund certain projects. Any contribution can be helpful to make a change for the better or to stop abusing individual bears.
Options to adopt a bear can be considered. Captive bears are sometimes still in their small cages in case there is no sanctuary available to relocate them. In these cases we support local nongovernmental organizations to treat these bears medically, to feed them and sometimes to enlarge their small cages. Optional you can make a choice for a specific country and then your funds are spent there.

Annual donations

You can certainly become a donor to our Foundation. We ask you a minimum annual contribution of € 50,- to make it worthwhile, for you and for us. Twice a year we sent you an e-message in which we focus on all the ongoing projects. Via our website however you can have almost a weekly update on the various projects.
Dutch citizens can also go to their notary and inform about long term donations that are deductible via the ANBI system (*).

Online donations

Of course we appreciate a onetime donation, often linked to emergency calls for help. There are several ways to donate money to such projects and requests. If you do not have a Dutch bank account, just use the credit card or Pay Pal options on our website.

Dutch donations Donations worldwide PayPal donations
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If you would like to support our Foundations’ activities in a different way, just contact us by sending a message per e-mail or phone our director then we will contact you right away and discuss your ideas on how and where to spend your financial support. But if your help can be in any other format, e.g. legacy’s, materials, contacts and such, just give is a call and we call you back.

International Bear Foundation
Address: Turfsingel 64, 2802 BD Gouda – The Netherlands
GSM: +31654764296
IBAN/bank account: NL74RABO0103444858
BIC/bank account: RABONL2U

International Bear Foundation has an ANBI* status, through which donations can be deductable for Dutch taxpayers. You can download our laws and bylaws from our website (only available in Dutch), by clicking on the following button:





(*) ANBI:
International Bear Foundation has an ANBI status, through which donations can be deductable for Dutch taxpayers.