Dear BSG,

I hope you had a chance to view the New Year’s videos about Teddy Roosevelt’s relationship with bears. If not, they are here:
This is a TED talk (14 min):

This is a short clip from a movie that includes Roosevelt’s feelings about grizzly bears:

They were intended to stimulate thinking about the routes of conservation, and how that varies in space and time. We often get locked into thinking of conservation occurring in some defined stepwise progression, based on some successful models of today. Many times I’ve heard comments about how conservation in the US is easier because … But without a few “heroes” in the past, things could have gone much differently.

Each of you are heroes, and I encourage you to keep working toward what you are good at. Remember that we are stronger as a group, and so please call on the BSG for help.

Now to the puzzler. Thanks to everyone who wrote back with your answers. I was surprised this year to find that most of you chose the correct one. (Maybe the people who wrote were people who tended to know the answer  )

Teddy Roosevelt was many things in his life. Which of these was he not (pick one)?

  • a. Driver for establishment of first national park in the world (Yellowstone)
  • b. African trophy hunter
  • c. Adventure seeker
  • d. A Republican

The correct answer is explained on the attached pdf. (Make a guess before you open it)

BSG New Year’s Puzzler answer and comments