BREAKING NEWS: MARSEILLES, France, Sept 10 – In the final session of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress, an overwhelming majority of delegates approved a call to formally recognize that humanity must protect at least half of Earth’s lands and seas and protect a minimum of 30% by 2030 by voting in favor of Motion 101.

This is a tremendous victory for life on Earth, for our civilization, and for the alliance of scientists, NGOs, and countries – led by the WILD Foundation – that formed the coalition in support of Motion 101. Discover more about Motion 101.

What Does This Mean?

Motion 101 is a significant first step toward stabilizing the climate emergency, halting mass extinction, and creating a nature-positive future. But it is only the beginning. This motion is based on the support and recommendation of hundreds of conservation scientists who agree or strongly agree that we must protect at least Half of Earth’s lands and seas to secure a future for human civilization and life as we know it.

Motion 101 calls on governments to prioritize conservation of areas important for biodiversity and ecosystem services, with high levels of integrity (ie. intact wilderness), ecological connectivity, and culturally significant natural areas identified by Indigenous Peoples.

What Happens Now?

With formal recognition of the IUCN, civil society will be able to advocate more effectively for science-based spatial targets in other international conventions and with nation-states. This will accelerate the protection of nature and help humanity more efficiently and effectively address the climate crisis.

Public opinion polls show strong support, including a twelve country survey finding that the majority of citizens support protecting Half the Earth’s land and seas. Motion 101 will become a tool and rallying point for civil society to mobilize and create real, transformative change.

Thank You! 

This triumph for Half was made possible by the cooperation and coordination of numerous groups, including the WILD FoundationAvaazCPAWSCampaign for NatureCOICAIPACCOneEarth, the Weeden Foundation, the Nature Needs Half Steering Committee, EarthX, and Re:wild. Significant support was also provided by the Ministry of Environment Tunisia, and countless individuals who offered their support, guidance, or assistance at just the right time, especially Marcus Westberg.

The WILD Foundation would also like to acknowledge all of its many donors and supporters who helped fund this campaign. This victory belongs to humanity, to the web of life upon which we all depend, and to you – our supporters – most of all.

How Can You Help?

The work has only begun, and we need your help. This is one decision at an international level, but hundreds, if not thousands, of commitments must be made around the world if we are to achieve Half in time to save nature.

If you are an individual interested in educating your community or networks on the importance of protecting Half of Earth’s lands and seas, consider joining the Survival Revolution.

If you are an organization or institution interested in endorsing Half, contact to request more information on joining the Nature Needs Half Network.
Finally, in advance of the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15), please sign the Global Deal for Nature.


In wild gratitude,

Amy Lewis
Vice President, Policy & Communications
The WILD Foundation